Kill Cows, Now! A Markandey Katju Story?

To begin with, we have two things in common already – belief in science one, and in the judicial system two. And I think only these two. But two is good too.

So the first one should also mean that we both don’t believe in religion either.  The last time somebody hurt my religious sentiments was never. But atheism is too extreme, and is another sort of blind faith. I don’t think that the existence or non existence of god could be proven. So I’m agnostic.

Besides, it was highly immature what the respected ex judge had to say about cow as being referred to as our mother.

” Source: JusticeKatju.Blogspot

Cow is most definitely not my mother. My mother is my mother.  We worship tulsi, but it doesn’t mean that it is (considered) ‘god’ for real. Both, cow and tulsi are given the respect because of their high medicinal value, and diverse utility. You might want to read into the never ending benefits of cow’s milk, urine and dung, and tulsi. The reason cow is given extra respect. I sincerely hope other animals get the due respect too.

So as I said, cow is not our real biological mother, of course. It is just symbolism. For respect.

And anyway, we should give all elderly women respect like our own mother, right? But I’m sure you don’t go out on the streets and bring all the old-age women home who are found eating filth and garbage (which by the way are too many, in India). At this you could say that, no you don’t treat all old aged women like your mother. But most of us Indians are taught to respect elders, thanks to our mothers.

Moreover, I can’t bring cows home. Experts will tell you that it isn’t viable for a cow to live in an apartment. Having said that, if I ever happen to have a cow at my place, I’d make sure it never ends up abandoned on the streets, or gets eaten.


It’s turning funny the kind of things the government has been banning of late. The word “ban” itself has become the butt of jokes. Laws are funny too. It’s not so easy to understand them. Killing humans is criminal, but about animals, we’re calling it a ‘ban’.

There is no doubt killing is hurtful, and insensitive. There is a reason that most people won’t be able to eat beef if you keep it in front of them on a plate, and keep a calf by their side, and show a video of how the cow was killed which is brought to their plate. Don’t we all want killing of animals to be stopped when we see videos of animal killings on Facebook? It’s the same thing most of us are feasting on the same evening. How many of us could kill the chicken with our own hands before eating? Everybody will have the guilt of taking life which would make the killing extremely difficult.

I condemn atrocities on everyone“, was said by you in one of the comments on your Facebook page. Of course it isn’t the case, duh! Otherwise clearly, you wouldn’t be encouraging eating (killing) of cows and pigs (and other animals).

You of course were sarcastic, but I’m In favour of the bans that you suggest. Snakes, buffaloes, owls, frogs and all the other animals in the world. What gives us the right to kill anybody?

I wonder what uproar it must have caused when it must been declared for the first time that killing other human beings is “banned”. I’m guessing the same kind of , that was caused by banning of meat for four days a couple of weeks ago. “How can they deprive me of my right to eat any human I want. What kind of society do we live in?” somebody must have said.


“But mom, half the class failed the test!”

What is wrong in eating beef ? Most of the world eats it—Americans, Europeans, Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Thais, Australians, etc. Are they all wicked people, and we alone saints ?

See the similarity?

At the risk of sounding offensive, I hate to realise that such a statement comes from somebody who was once the judge of the Supreme Court of India. Have I been doing that a lot in this post? I really admire that at least you’re going against the wind, trying to take a stand, asking people not to follow things which are baseless.

However, are you trying to take us to the herd mentality, where if a particular set of people are doing something, then it must be right, and we should do it too? Are the Americans, Arabs, Thais etc the standard of comparison for us? I thought we are a different country altogether. When is it too late to give up on killing? But I wouldn’t call those who eat beef and pork evil. Who am I to call them that? I shouldn’t even call the ISIS or Taliban evil, since they’re right in their own right. Not comparing, just saying.

If we really want to take some inspiration, then why don’t we legalise marijuana and/or homosexuality first? The most harmless, and in many ways beneficial things have been kept banned, based on some prejudices. If you want to provide freedom of choice, then why didn’t you show any support when hundreds of people were fighting for this right?


Finally, sir! Since I too am all in for science, I hate to realise that science fails to firmly tell us whether we should eat meat or not. I really wish it did. These are a 100 Scientific Reasons To Not Eat Meat. I’m sure we can easily find other links too stating how science tells that we should in fact eat non vegetarian food. Apparently there is not one stand that science roots for. So what we should do in that case is, take other rational factors in count, for example humanity, empathy, common sense.

I still fail to understand the reason for which you ask us to eat pork and beef. Farms where pigs are bred in India are still as filthy as Indian streets. All chickens for a fact, have skin infections. Do you really think chickens and pigs bred in farm are free of diseases? Sir, do you have any concrete reason for why we should eat these animals? You could have chosen to not eat any of these at all too. All vegetarians are always as healthy as non vegetarians. Or sometimes less, sometimes more. It depends person to person.

I, being vegetarian myself, wouldn’t still want a ban on meat. I wouldn’t want to impose my opinion on others. People should have their options open, and then think rationally to do what they have to.


Some people said that I should not hurt Hindu sentiments by saying here is nothing wrong in eating beef.

 But that is precisely what i will do.”

What you are saying might have some weight, but the reasons you are giving holds no water at all. And this way, you’re sounding like just another religion. As an Indian, I have had enough of that sir. I am ready to listen to you. And so I demand more reasonable and accountable answers.

That’s all, your honour!

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