Guest Post: Where do Locals Go for a Beach Day in Sydney?

Sydney is known by its many beaches to both tourists and locals. Still, Sydney residents usually prefer beaches that are quieter and not that crowded.
They are lucky to know some of the great sandy paradises that can provide as much fun as some other more famous beaches but with more possibility to relax and enjoy the free time.


Shelly Beach

This beach is one of the favorite choices for locals, especially those who enjoy marine life and like to spend their time snorkeling or scuba diving. This is possible because the waters at this beach are clear and do not reach the depth over 12 meters.
Moreover, Shelly Beach offers great opportunity for some family fun with available kiosks, electric barbecues, showers, toilets and restaurants that are perfect for picnics and hanging out.


Chinamans Beach

One of the greatest hidden treasures, this local’s favorite is just perfect for a relaxed swim, sunbathing and kids’ playtime because the waters are nice and calm with almost no waves.
It is also a great picnic spot for those who like to bring all the necessities with them.
Shell Cove bay is a popular place for pulling yachts and taking a dip.
More popular Balmolar Beach is only one kilometer walk to the south so anyone who wants a bit more excitement can casually visit both beaches in a short time.


Red leaf Beach

This idyllic beach is another place that locals enjoy because it provides a lot of swimming space so there is never any unpleasant crowds and situations.
There is also a Murray Rose Pool that provides calm waters for swimmers.
A lovely pontoon offers possibility for some peaceful walks while cafes with view to Darling Point and Harbour Bridge will not only provide you with refreshing meals and drinks but breathtaking scenery as well.


Milk Beach

Well-kept secret of Sydney, Milk Beach might be a bit more difficult to get to but it is well worth the effort, especially for those who decide to take a boat in order to reach it.
This isolated paradise is surrounded by Heritage listed Strickland House and the view of the city of Sydney is gorgeous.
There is plenty to do as well, from picnics and nature-engaging walks to fishing and snorkeling.


Shark Beach

Another beach that locals like to enjoy on their own is Shark Beach that gets its name from the Shark Bay, not the sharks, so there is no reason to worry.
Anyway, shark nets are installed so there is absolutely no danger whatsoever.
Together with locals, you too can enjoy the nice view of passing yachts and ships, swimming, walking along the shore or simply relieving the stress by looking at incredible rocks that surround the end of the beach.


Long Reef Beach

2 kilometers long, this beach is the best choice for locals who enjoy surfing and windsurfing, and there is even opportunity to learn more about these sports or try out a stand up paddleboard.
Plenty of grass makes this beach a great place for children and family picnics, together with free electric barbecues, kiosks and restaurants.
Moreover, Long Reef Beach offers the most beautiful waterfront wedding venues in Sydney as well as the incredible sight of marine wildlife.


Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach might not be that big of a local secret but it is still a place where locals like to visit, especially with their families because there are great spots for picnics and children’s playground.
Swimming baths, promenades and electric barbecues all add to the charm of Coogee Beach.
What’s more, delightful cafes and restaurants will give you a chance to rest and reenergize with tasty meals and cool drinks.


Visit some of these beaches and learn the secrets locals want to keep for themselves. And if you decide to go on some coastal bushwalks, you might stumble on a completely new mysterious and fascinating beach yourself.

If you have any more questions on the beaches or Sydney, feel free to ask in the comments or ask Roxana directly.
Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine!
You can find out more about her writing following her on Twitter.


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