Guest Post: Travelling Solo vs Travelling with a Partner



Travelling solo is definitely not for everybody. However, travelling together is not for every couple. Truth be told, there are pros and cons for each of these options. There’s no universal answer to this issue that would satisfy everyone. The best option is to check the good and bad sides of both and pick what seems the most appropriate for yourself.

Travelling Solo Builds Character

Everybody who ever traveled alone knows how challenging that is. You can get lonely and even scared. Therefore, it’s an experience that either breaks you or makes you stronger. That’s something that cannot be done if you’re travelling with someone. Becoming more self-aware will also allow you to be a better person, and consequently, a better partner.


Travelling Solo Boosts Individuality

Every solo trip is also a soul-searching trip. You learn a lot about your needs and true desires and you test your limits. Also, you meet new people and get to figure out how to act outside your comfort zone. Solo trips will teach you a lot about yourself and they will boost your individuality. Knowing your limits, wishes and needs means that it will be easier to communicate with your partner. That will definitely fortify your relationship.


Travelling Solo Makes You Appreciate Your Partner More

Being away from your partner allows you to have a better perspective on your relationship. It gives you the time to think. Also, you get to notice all those little things they do for you because they are missing from your everyday life. Not to mention that missing them will make you appreciate them more. The same will happen to your partner while you are away.

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Travelling with Your Partner Brings You Closer

Your relationship problems will not magically disappear just because you have changed your location. However, it will make you to face new challenges together and solve potential problems. It will also give you the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous things hand in hand. This will add value to your relationship and allow you to grow as a couple.


Travelling with Your Partner Creates Memories

In every batch of excellent relationship tips, you will find one telling you that you should go to a vacation together. Sharing those wonderful moments definitely makes you love each other more. You will create precious memories, entangling your lives together even more. It’s difficult to explain some memorable moments from your travels to somebody who wasn’t there. Experiencing them together will solve that.


Travelling with Your Partner is Safer

This is not something you should underestimate. When you travel alone, you are more likely to be robbed or attacked. However, travelling as a couple gives you a certain amount of safety on your travels. Also, if you are cycling or hiking, you can get hurt or you may need some medical attention. It’s far easier to endure such things if your loved one is right there beside you to help you.


There are many things to consider once you decide you want to travel. You need to figure out your destination, whether you want to travel by plane, car or even cycle there. Is it going to be a culture-vulture trip or a relaxing holiday with a very short itinerary? If you travel alone, you get to make all these choices on your own. However, if there is somebody else involved, prepare to make some compromises in the name of love. If you’re truly lucky, your choices will match up and that can take you to a journey of a lifetime.

Roxana Oliver.


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